Po’ di Poli – Grappa di Pinot “Elegante”


Poli’s PO’ line is a clear indication of our desire to support consumer choice. The flavour is the result of a harmonious cuvée from single varieties in the same family but with different clones, origin, harvesting time and winemaking techniques: the PoliGrape®.

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Distillation with antique discontinuous cycle copper stills. The spirit obtained has an alcohol content of around 75%, so this is then adjusted to consumption levels and then bottled. It is aged for at least a year in stainless steel tanks.

Abbinamento culinario:
Recommended pairing:
Aromas of dried flowers, broom, hay and juniper. Fine, elegant and velvety on the palate.

Region: Veneto
Type: Vinaccia di uve Pinot Nero, Pinot Bianco
Format: 70cl
Alchol: 40% vol.
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